Saturday, April 9, 2011


Spring Break 2011...much needed and I welcome you with open arms.  Now, don't go by at a million miles an hour so I can enjoy you!!!!!  I'll be spending the week with my lovely 2 1/2 year old daughter trying to find fun and exciting things to do.  Sadly, my wife, who teaches 1st grade, and my son, had their breaks already.

Anyway, I know that state testing is rapidly approaching for a lot of folks.  I know review questions are always good for the kids and I LOVE turning it into a game for them.  WOW, learn and have fun...novel concept right?

I have included the Ohio Education released questions link for OAA testing, as well as the NAEP "questions tool" link.  Please click the caption BELOW the picture to be redirected.  Please pass these on to someone you that you know that can use them with their kiddos!

NAEP Questions Tool

ODE Released OAA Material 3-8


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