Friday, May 27, 2011


Wow, it has been awhile!  With the end of the year approaching and the play Pinocchio over, I have a second to breathe and share our final sets with you.

This was the first play that I have had the honor to be associated with at our school.  I was amaze by the dedication of our our kids and the staff members that came together to work on this.  Blown away I tell you!  I enjoyed the entire process even more than I thought I would.  I was glad that I was able to lend my carpentry skills to the play because lord knows my acting skills are terrible!  We spent several nights at school until midnight making these sets out to be the best they could be.

I am a bit sad that I wasn't able to get pictures from the actual performance, but I was busy living the life of a stage crew member.  We ended up with 5-6 set changes and somehow.......despite my all went perfectly!  I am so proud of my fifth graders and our staff for the amazing production.  My the sets!

2 of the four 10' tall and 8' wide building facades.

The other two!

The overall set complete with town square (pseudo fountain in the middle)

From the top row!

My favorite prop......the hay wagon!  Had a blast building this one.  Complete with wooden wheels that I cut from a 2"X12" board.  And I made the wheels uneven and wobbly on least I tell myself I did! LOL.  A bit rough, but it worked perfectly.  The night of the show it was filled with hay!

One of my favorite props from the play.  Come on, it looks like an 11' birch tree right?  With the leaves, it stood about 14 feet tall!  All made from empty carpet roll tubes, a little paint and a hunting blind for leaves.  I had very little to do with this one.  Brilliant idea from our producers.  How obnoxious to say we had "producers" for a fifth grade play! HA HA!

All of these sets were very simple to build.  I seriously have given consideration to how these could be used in a classroom (on a smaller scale).  

I hope all of you have a wonderful summer!  It's winding down quickly.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Board game progress......

The science board games are progressing (see pervious post)!  Here are a few "in progress" pictures.  The fourth graders have been engaged and busting tail for three days!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Science Boards Games

As the year winds down and state testing is over, I returned to a past WINNER of a project for my fourth grade science classes.  Groups are creating a science board game based on topics that we covered in class this year.  Each group is bringing old board games from home to use in their new and exciting game.  Construction paper is being used to cover up old boards and some groups have decided to use an old pizza box as a game board (and box for the pieces).

I created a simple requirement sheet and grading rubric to lead groups through the week-long project.  I tried to keep it simple and basic.  I plan to snap some pictures over the next few days to share the progress!

Groups are required to create a game board AND complete instructions.  Once all games are completed, we will have a "GAME PLAY DAY" in order to allow them to play each other's games!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Play sets

Just sharing my excitement this week...our 5th graders have been working hard to get ready for this year's play...PINOCCHIO!  I have been given the task of using my carpentry skills to create our sets and many of the props.  Long hours in my garage, a long night or two at school, and they are coming right along!  I have loved every second of it.  Check out our progress below.  These are the basic frames of the town building facades.  Let me know if you would like some basic instructions and material lists.  They would be cool to build on a smaller scale in classrooms.  Ours measure 8 feet wide and 10 feet tall.  They are being covered with basic felt and will be painted to include windows and details.