Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Science Boards Games

As the year winds down and state testing is over, I returned to a past WINNER of a project for my fourth grade science classes.  Groups are creating a science board game based on topics that we covered in class this year.  Each group is bringing old board games from home to use in their new and exciting game.  Construction paper is being used to cover up old boards and some groups have decided to use an old pizza box as a game board (and box for the pieces).

I created a simple requirement sheet and grading rubric to lead groups through the week-long project.  I tried to keep it simple and basic.  I plan to snap some pictures over the next few days to share the progress!

Groups are required to create a game board AND complete instructions.  Once all games are completed, we will have a "GAME PLAY DAY" in order to allow them to play each other's games!

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