Friday, September 9, 2011

Ipad Advice and Apps

Okay, today I am 10 years old again (what else is new, I'm always 10).  I just received the word that I have been approved to attend an Ipad 2 conference and I will return to school WITH AN IPAD 2 to use in my classroom.  Now, here is my plea......

1.  What apps are you finding to be beneficial on the Ipad?
2.  How are you using them in your classroom?
3.  What cool educational things can I do?

I can't wait to begin playing with the Ipad 2 and figuring out how to make it a part of my class!  Yes, I know, it might be tough with ONE, but hopefully this will be a springboard for more in our school.  Michelle over at Fabulous in First is my partner in this venture.  I know she is just as pumped as I am!  Last year we attended an Ipod conference, this year...we step it up a notch!

PLEASE send me your comments and advice!



  1. When you find out, you let me know. We have some at our school and the district has preloaded them but they are mainly for the very young kids. I don't think your kids would appreciate "finding the letter c" or counting to 10.

    I did mess around with the Google Earth app and that was great, I just have no opportunity to use it with my students.

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  2. HOLD THE PHONE! WHAT!!!!!! Did you just hear me scream! When did you find this out??????? YIPPEE!!!!