Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Electricity.......Day One!

Day one of electricity and it was truly an investigation day.  I gave them wires, a battery, battery holder, a light bulb and bulb holder.  They had to create a circuit.  This led to awesome discussions around the room.  Of course, a few knew exactly what to do while others didn't know where to begin.  It was amazing to see the cooperation between groups.  I have linked the diagram sheet that I used with the class (the rectangles and word art are not showing up on Google docs....sorry).  In the second section, I had them create a switch to turn the bulb on and off.....WOW what ideas they had.  This led us to a discussion about conductors and insulators, as well as how to by-pass the light bulb.  Kids are amazing....

Here are a few photos of the simple experiment.  We also moved on to discussions about thermal energy (as the parts began to heat up).  Tomorrow......electromagnets.  See www.sciencebob.com for the electromagnet experiment....here is the link: http://www.sciencebob.com/experiments/electromagnet.php

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